About Us

In 1927 our Grandparents, Monroe Redden Sr. and wife Mary Belle, purchased a piece of land known as the Green Place. It was an old homestead without cabins, lakes, nor the open fields that now make up what we lovingly know as Deerfields.

Our Grandmother Mary Belle designed the Lodge which was built in 1935. Standing on the porch one late afternoon she remarked that the fields around the cabin were filled with deer and there the name “Deerfields” was born.

In 1998 Deerfields was passed on to the brothers John J. and Greg who are the stewards of the land presently. Starting in 1998 the brothers began their journey together on the land hosting festivals, weddings, and various outdoor adventure events.

In 2010 John J. and Greg partnered with what is now known as Carolina Conservancy to ensure the protection of the vital watershed that is held by these hills. The land is now protected from development. This ensures that the land will continue to provide habitat and haven for many of the species found in this extremely biodiverse corner of the world.

The next generation of stewards of Deerfields, Sarah, Jacob, and Jordan, are involved in taking care of the property, and are making their mark towards guiding the future of the property.